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Why I Gave Up Using Gel Nail Polish

  It’s the beginning of sandal season!  With the arrival of spring, many women will be heading to nail salons for a manicure or pedicure.  Spring break, Easter, Mother’s Day and graduations are all good reasons for wanting to pamper your fingers and … Continue reading

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Great Hands and Feet Are Hard to Beat

When I think of summer, I think of going barefoot in the grass at a picnic or barbeque, painting my nails to match my colorful summer wardrobe, strappy sandals, and being outdoors. After a long, cold winter, your feet and … Continue reading

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Raise Your Hands

More and more women are concerned about the way their hands look. Many feel their hands appear too wrinkled with a lot of loose skin and too many age spots. As women, we use our hands a great deal. Cooking, cleaning, bathing babies and gardening can all … Continue reading

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