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Winter Skin Care: Amp Up Your Moisturizers

Alpha Skin Care is aware that dry skin can be uncomfortable and irritating for our customers through the winter. We are in the middle of a blog series sharing helpful ways to update your routine and avoid dry skin this winter. Now … Continue reading

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Winter Skin Care: Avoid Long Showers and Hot Baths

  One of the best ways to combat winter dry skin is to avoid taking long hot showers or baths. It may be tempting to take a long hot shower or bath after being out in the cold but it … Continue reading

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Spend less, look better in 2018

  Every January, we all have a chance to start fresh. In 2018, several of the top 10 New Years resolutions involve saving money. As you might have guessed the others are about health, fitness and breaking bad habits. There is … Continue reading

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Two Ways to Use AHAs

Alpha hydroxy acids or AHAs help to improve the appearance of skin in two ways;  moisturizing and exfoliating.  What makes AHAs function differently is the pH level of the formulation.  When used as a humectant or moisturizer, the pH level is higher than … Continue reading

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Red Hat, Red Box – A perfect match!

In June, Alpha Skin Care (formerly known for our signature red box), became a partner of the Red Hat Society. The Red Hat Society is a social organization made up of women that are 50 and older. Younger women can join … Continue reading

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Time is on my side

“Rain” is a stage tribute to the Beatles and their music. What a fun show and, for many of us, a musical stroll down memory lane. It includes a lot of  1960’s black and white film footage of teenage girls screaming, … Continue reading

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