Winter Skin Care: Avoid Long Showers and Hot Baths


One of the best ways to combat winter dry skin is to avoid taking long hot showers or baths. It may be tempting to take a long hot shower or bath after being out in the cold but it is not a good idea if you have dry skin. The longer and hotter the exposure to water, the more natural moisture your skin will lose.

Here’s the reason why. The outermost layer of your skin contains oils and skin cells that help your skin retain moisture. The combination of hot water and soap strips away your skin’s natural oil barrier which provides protection against dryness.

When you step out of a hot shower or bath, you’ve probably noticed that your skin is often red, itchy and tight. These are indications that your skin is drying.  In many parts of the country, the air is also very dry in the winter. The dry air tends to make dry skin worse.

So, what can you do about winter dry skin? Start by keeping water temperature lukewarm and showers less than ten minutes long. Consider turning down the temperature on your water heater.  This will prevent water from being too hot and, bonus, you will reduce your energy costs! Turning down the thermostat will be easier on your skin, your wallet and the environment. Taking shorter showers and bathes also has the same benefits.

To treat dryness, apply a good moisturizer immediately after bathing.  It will help your skin to be soft and supple while locking in moisture. At Alpha Skin Care, we formulate products with naturally powerful ingredients that really work to care for your skin. We recommend using Renewal Body Lotion after a bath or shower to relieve dryness.  The thick rich formula will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. 

Formulated with 12% Glycolic AHA, it also releases dead skin cells, promotes cellular renewal and supports collagen production which results in healthy, well-hydrated skin. Alpha Skin Care wants to help you to have healthy, radiant skin from head to toe!

So seasons change and the weather cools again, remember shorter, cooler showers and baths followed with a great moisturizer like Renewal Body Lotion is the best way to care for winter dry skin.

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About Katie Polley

I am the Communications and Social Media Specialist at Scott's Liquid Gold and Neoteric Cosmetics.
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4 Responses to Winter Skin Care: Avoid Long Showers and Hot Baths

  1. Hey the article was really good, can’t wait for the other tips. I have also written a post on how to take care of dry skin and scalp during winters, here is a link to it, do give it a reading please

  2. Sherrie Harris says:

    Very good information. Love AlphaHydrox products. They actually work. I love to follow you on all the social media you are on and I love to order right from you. Ladies you will love this skincare line. It doesn’t break the bank and it truly work’s.

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