Let Go of the Logo!


Change in all things is sweet. – Aristotle

AH_logo (2)

The current Alpha Hydrox logo will soon change.

Last week, Alpha Hydrox announced that we are changing our name to Alpha™ Skin Care. We are so excited about the future and this amazing opportunity.  Even more exciting , the change means we get a makeover!  The logo is the first step in our brand metamorphosis. Many of you are familiar with the previous logo which was a stylized A in a red box; a nod to our signature red box packaging.

In the new logo, we kept the A  but made it simple and bold. The logo is strong yet fluid and feminine much like the woman who uses Alpha Skin Care products.  We also made the word Alpha much larger.


New Alpha Skin Care logo

Alpha is a great word and eloquently reflects our journey as a skin care brand.  The word Alpha is associated with first, the beginning, the brightest star among stars, of highest rank and dominance.  In 1992, the original Alpha Hydrox was the first alpha hydroxy acid to be available over-the-counter.  We have the highest percentages of AHAs and we proudly tell you the percentage on the front of the box. We are also one of the brightest stars in skin care with consistent 5 stars ratings on online sites and Facebook.

Like the name change, we hope that the changes you see in the coming weeks will reflect a more modern version of our skin care products.  Our goal is to maintain the history and integrity of our brand while providing a much-needed update. Like a butterfly in its cocoon, change is inevitable if you want to spread your wings and fly!

About Barbara Goldstein

I am the Director of Corporate Communications for Scott's Liquid Gold and Neoteric Cosmetics. I am the third generation to work in this family business founded and based in Denver, CO. We will celebrate our 6oth anniversary in 2011.
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4 Responses to Let Go of the Logo!

  1. mrclmind2013 says:

    I hope you don’t change the products too much!

    • Hi and thanks for using Alpha Hydrox, soon to be Alpha Skin Care! No we are not changing our formulations just the names and the look. We want to provide a broader range of products going forward, not just products with AHAs. Thanks for your feedback!

  2. A. Harper says:

    They haven’t changed the product, they only give you a lot less at an increase in price.
    Has greed AND idiocy gotten the best of Neoteric? Apparently so.

    Your new line of Alpha Skin products (that replaced the Alpha Hydroxy line), provides the consumer with the same ingredients but with 30 – 75% less product AND at an average 15% – 20% increase in price. Good for you (for now), bad for most women who have been using your product for years.

    Previously –
    Your old product line was good/effective;
    provided more quantity of product than most; AND
    was offered at a reasonable price which made it attractive/financially accessible for so many women.
    Today –
    Your new product line is just another good skin product;
    that provides substantially less product; AND
    is now just another higher priced beauty product among many others.
    I have no incentive to keep buying your products. I might as well go try the others in the $18 – $25 range, which of course I will. Talk about a bad business decision. You will eventually loose the core base of consumers that made you so stable and profitable.

    And finally, there is no wrath like a woman scorned (i.e. blatantly ripped off). Hope that CEO/CFO enjoys their bonus.

    Sign me,

    Disgusted (and no longer a customer – not that Neoteric even gives a damn.)

    • Good afternoon,
      We appreciate your comments and your feedback. Unfortunately, most of what you are suggesting is not accurate. Our products have changed considerably in recent years. We have made many improvements to our formulations and expanded our range of active ingredients. Until February of this year, we had not had a price increase in more than 10 years. We had to increase prices to keep up with our costs and to continue to stay in business. Have the things you buy all stayed the same price? The Essential Renewal Lotion (formerly called 10% Enhanced Lotion) is the only item that is a smaller size. In fact, several of our other products actually offer larger amounts. We are trying to keep our prices reasonable and we are still the most effective, most affordable skin care line available. We continue to offer specials and discounts throughout the year and hope you will consider buying during those times. As a small American manufacturer, every customer is important to our employees and their families. On a final note, we do give a d**m, we are not greedy and we have not ripped you off. We stand by every decision and every decision was made based on the needs and feedback of our consumers. You have a choice to buy our products or not. They are still the best skin care products you will find for less than $20. The choice is up to you.

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