NEW! Doesn’t Always Mean Better

shutterstock_158149559Have you started using Alpha Hydroxy Acids yet?  You should!  Alpha Hydroxy Acids, or AHAs as they are commonly referred to, have been around for more than 20 years. They are made from natural fruit acids and are one of the simplest, easiest things you can use to help improve the appearance of skin. They are a natural chemical exfoliants.  AHAs gently loosen glue-like bonds that hold dead skin cells to the surface.  Removing the dead skin cells sends a message to the body that it needs to produce new cells.  This promotes cellular turnover and brings newer, healthier, fresher skin cells to the surface so skin looks radiant and glowing.

These are just a few of the benefits of using Alpha Hydroxy Acids:

  • They work on all skin types.
  • They help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • They help to even skin tone and texture.
  • They help skin feel softer and smoother.
  • They help to improve acne or problem-prone skin.
  • They help to unclog pores.
  • They help to reduce the appearance of scars.
  • They help to increase collagen production.
  • Unlike other skin care treatments, you will continue to see improvement the longer you use them.

shutterstock_108925463So why should you use Alpha Hydrox over another brand of Alpha Hydroxy Acid?  Alpha Hydrox products are formulated with the proper pH level. All of our formulas include other highly effective ingredients like hyaluronic acid.  We are committed to making only effective high quality products. Best of all, Alpha Hydrox products are truly affordable.  All our products are less than                                                                                           $20 and many cost about $10.

Don’t believe us?  Find out for yourself!  Read the reviews on or  Watch the video reviews on YouTube or visit our Facebook page and read what others have said about our products.  Then decide for yourself.  New isn’t always better.  Alpha Hydrox has been around for more than 20 years for one very good reason; it’s still The One That Works!

For our full line of products and more information visit

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About Barbara Goldstein

I am the Director of Corporate Communications for Scott's Liquid Gold and Neoteric Cosmetics. I am the third generation to work in this family business founded and based in Denver, CO. We will celebrate our 6oth anniversary in 2011.
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10 Responses to NEW! Doesn’t Always Mean Better

  1. The models for @Alpha Hydrox are so pretty and natural looking and really represent your skin care product so well Barbara. I love the Fall ads you have now with such warm colors in fall clothing and your products really are the best. I just love hosting for all your subsidiary companies. Happy Fall to everyone there at Scott’s Liquid Gold 🙂 Enjoy the seasons ahead with many blessings ~Julie

    • Hi Julie! Thanks so much for the kind words about our efforts to build awareness for Alpha Hydrox. You have been so enthusiastic and sincere about the supporting all of our brands. It means a lot to me, to all of our employees and their families. It is always a pleasure to work with you and we really appreciate all that you have done for us. I hope we will have many more opportunities to work together. Thanks again for your support. From all of us at Scott’s Liquid Gold and Neoteric Cosmetics, we wish you and your family love, health and happiness.

  2. i just love this products and there are perfect for my skin!

  3. Eva says:

    I have used your facial care products for years and am very happy with them, Do you have any special promotion or sales for Black Friday? You used to in the past years. Thanks!

    • Hi Eva! Thanks for using Alpha Hydrox and for checking with us! We will have a sale that starts on Wednesday, Nov. 26th and runs until December 3rd. It is Buy two of any item and get a third one FREE! Many of our consumers like to stock up a couple of times a year. Our next big sale is likely to be in April. We hope this will help you to plan your purchases. Thanks again for using Alpha Hydrox!

  4. Sally says:

    Why did you stop making the nourishing cleanser?

    • Hi Sally! Thanks for using Alpha Hydrox! In regards to your question about the Nourishing Cleanser, we have discontinued it. There have been quite a few studies in recent years that indicate that the micro beads may not be good for the environment. We want to be earth-friendly and environmentally aware so we decided to stop making the Nourishing Cleanser. Thanks for checking with us and for your interest in our products.

  5. What I really like about it is the fact that the product can work on all skin types. I’ve been looking for alternatives to give my skin a fresher look. And, it comes with an affordable price too!…This is something need to be put in my must-try list.

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