Woo Hoo! Batiste Dry Shampoo!

Have you tried a dry shampoo yet?  If not, you have to try Batiste Dry Hair Shampoo!  It is absolutely the best dry shampoo available anywhere.  Dry shampoos help you to extend the time between washing your hair. They are great to use after going to the gym or after a day at the beach. Alarm didn’t go off in time to wash you hair?  No worries, just use Batiste! It works miracles on ‘hat hair’ and is a lifesaver when camping out. Batiste Dry Shampoo also adds volume and fullness to fine hair. Made with rice starch, it is lighter than other dry shampoos made with cornstarch.  It comes in a variety of scents so your hair smells great!  It also comes in 4 tinted hair colors shades like blonde and brunette.  Batiste Dry Shampoo originated in London and is a cult favorite around the world.

In the United States Batiste is available at Ulta Stores, lots of grocery stores like the Kroger chains and on-line at drugstore.com You can also buy it direct from the US distributor at  http://www.neotericcosmetics.com/batiste/products.html   It comes in 2 sizes; full size 6.7 oz for $7.99 and travel minis at 1.6 oz for $3.99.  Try it once and you’ll never be without it again!

I love, love, love this stuff! But don’t take my word for it.  Watch Dawn McCarthy of It’s a Glam Thing.  She has the inside scoop on lots of great beauty products.


About Barbara Goldstein

I am the Director of Corporate Communications for Scott's Liquid Gold and Neoteric Cosmetics. I am the third generation to work in this family business founded and based in Denver, CO. We will celebrate our 6oth anniversary in 2011.
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One Response to Woo Hoo! Batiste Dry Shampoo!

  1. lisa cocuzza says:

    Batiste Dry Shampoo rocks!

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