Summer Shape Up: For Your Skin

I bet you’ve heard the old saying, “you re what you eat.” Your skin is a reflection of everything you put on your plate and into your body. Fortunately, it is easy to eat seasonally for great skin. Now that summer is on it’s way, try these fresh tips for great skin!

  1. Low fat dairy products: These foods such as yogurt, milks, and cheeses contain Vitamin A which helps keep skin looking healthy. Beta Carotene (found in carrots) is converted to Vitamin A in a healthy diet. However, people who suffer from Diabetes or thyroid problems often cannot convert beta-carotene. So dairy is an easy source for this important vitamin.
  1. Blackberries and other summer berries: These foods are rich in antioxidants. Research has shown that antioxidants help protect cells against free radicals, which can damage and even kill your cells. Give your skin the best defense with antioxidants. It is easy and tasty too
  1. Salmon, Walnuts, Canola Oils, and Flaxseed: Essential fatty acids protect your cell membranes, allowing waste to exit and important nutrients to enter. These fatty acids also help your cells to retain moisture making your skin look plump and fresh.
  1. Healthy Oils: Cook with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, or other healthy oils to keep your skin lubricated. Healthy skin has a healthy glow. Not to mention, these good fats provide nutrients for you skin and body.
  1. Whole-wheat bread, muffins, and cereals as well as turkey, tuna and brazil nuts: What could this wide array of food have in common with one another? Selenium. Research has shown that diets high in selenium yield less skin damage.
  1. Green Tea: This ancient herbal remedy is a fantastic addition to your diet for your best skin. It’s anti-inflammatory properties help protect the cell membrane. Anti-inflammatory properties, like those found in Green Tea have been linked to healthy cell growth. And a reduced risk of cancer.
  1. Water: Be sure to get your 8 glasses a day! Water hydrates cells, makes skin look plumper and younger, and helps remove toxins from the body. What more could you ask for in an 8oz glass?

These 7 secrets, can help your skin shine this summer. Try combining several of the above foods into a new favorite recipe. Have fun with health!

About Barbara Goldstein

I am the Director of Corporate Communications for Scott's Liquid Gold and Neoteric Cosmetics. I am the third generation to work in this family business founded and based in Denver, CO. We will celebrate our 6oth anniversary in 2011.
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