Have acne? Try Alpha Hydrox

The following is in response to a question from one of our Facebook friends.  She wanted to know what she should use to help with acne, large pores and scarring.

Let’s start with a good cleanser. Use one that is pH balanced, gentle and soap-free. This is important because you don’t want you skin to be left dry and tight. Dry and tight will not reduce the appearance of pores but can be the first step in over treating acne prone skin. The one we make that is best for you is Foaming Face Wash.  Wash twice a day, morning and night.

Next, use AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids). AHA’s are natural gentle exfoliants. Use them twice a day after cleansing. AHA’s do two things; remove the top layer of dead skin and trick skin into producing more new cells. They work by loosen glue-like bonds that hold dead skin to the surface. Removing this layer helps to open pores and release dirt and oil build up. Removing this layer also tricks your skin into producing new cells and increases cellular renewal.  Other ways to exfoliate, like scrubs and derma-brasion, are too harsh to use twice a day like AHA’s. Try 10% Oil-free gel for oily skin if you are just starting  to use AHA’s. They may tingle a bit. That’s okay;  it tells you they are working.

When using AHA’s in the daytime, also include a sunscreen. AHA’s remove the top layer of skin. That is the body’s natural protection from the sun. Using an AHA will not make you sun sensitive but removing the natural layer of protection (the dead cells) leaves you more vulnerable to sun damage. Sun exposure can make scarring more exaggerated too because of variations in skin tone.  Scars never “tan” like other skin.  So use a sunscreen when using AHA’s, especially during the day. Use Sheer Silk, a really lightweight daily moisturizer with an SPF 15. Even with oily skin, some moisturizing will help skin to feel soft and plump. Too dry is as bad as too oily.

Finally, for blemishes, use a spot treatment. Ours is Acne Spot Serum. It will dry a blemish without drying out your whole face.

1. Cleanse – morning and night

2. Use AHA’s – morning and night

3. Use a sunscreen everyday

4. Use spot treatments for blemishes

So that’s it! Skin care like exercise. It is accumulative. The more diligent you are the more benefits you will see. Thanks for your question.

About Barbara Goldstein

I am the Director of Corporate Communications for Scott's Liquid Gold and Neoteric Cosmetics. I am the third generation to work in this family business founded and based in Denver, CO. We will celebrate our 6oth anniversary in 2011.
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